Josaka has closed down as a live music website after 15 years. Jim Bowes and I have struggled recently to find the time to maintain and update the site.

Josaka was about live music in Berkshire. Jim now lives in London and I live in Cheshire so we are out of touch with what goes on in Reading.

Earlier this month the site was hacked in a fairly extreme way. To get it back to where it was looked like a lot of work, so we decided to call it a day and close the site down.

Thank you to all the musicians and fans that made Josaka so much fun for us since 1999. We enjoyed making a lot of friends through the site.

Please feel free to leave goodbye messages below.

Kevin Harrington

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jim Bowes

    I’d just like to second what Kevin is saying. I had an amazing time organising Josaka events, meeting all the bands from Reading’s scene and knowing how many bands were formed, points argued and scores settled through our forum Berkshire Live.

    I’ve made some great friends along the way but Kevin and I have known for quite a long time the reality that we’re no longer part of the scene and so you can’t run a very good website for it.

    My favourite memories include the night lots of people missed Bloc Party at the Rising Sun Arts centre to be at one of our sell out birthday gigs with a local line up. The Berkshire Live pool competitions and all of the gigs I can’t remember being compere for.


  2. Andy

    Goodbye Kevin and Jim,

    Josaka and Berkshire Live were an important part of the Reading scene back in the day. A lot of fun, drink, friends, arguments and gigs.

    Good luck in the future.


  3. Simon Windisch

    Thanks guys, your work has been appreciated, and you’ve done a lot of good for the Berks music scene over the years. Feel proud!

  4. Old-Joe

    So so sad to hear the news – you guys did a fantastic job and deserve a fanfare for your efforts over the years. Been a part of me and my daughter Caroline “Caz” since she started performing 7 years ago. Hopefully someone will start afresh – Live Music needs people like you but 15 years is a long time to keep things going and I applaud you for hanging in there – even after past “Hacks and rebuilds”. All the best Jeff & “Caz”.

  5. Dazza

    Just thought I’d pop in to see what is going on and…. it’s gone.

    Thanks to all, whilst I’ve not really been part of the Reading live scene for eight years, I have very fond memories. I once had a discussion over what would last longer… Josaka or the band! You won, Kevin…

  6. Matthew Zac

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  7. Toni Castello

    Unfortunately the live music scene in Berkshire has always been rubbish so I agree there isn’t a lot of point running a site for it. None of the bands that played in Berkshire over the years actually got anywhere and I remember predicting this at the time.

    I still enjoy playing but have had more success with my music in Europe. Unfortunately the UK is full of places like Reading (full of inbreds and zero talent).


  8. luke

    I’ve set up a forum at thamesvalleymusos.co and would love it if people could join up there. There isnt much content there but with a bit of enthusiasm I’m sure we could fix that 🙂

  9. EGON

    To be honest with all the forlorn well wishers who are poking the site with a necrophilic stick with their piss poor penitent messages, Josaka was dying a long slow death from the moment Andy Stedman left.

    Some say that Andy Stedman is now a stand-up comedian; to me, he always was.



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