History of Josaka

Today Josaka is a substantial website, a record label and a live music promoter. It all started in the late nineties when Josaka.com was registered on 12 February 1999 by Kevin Harrington.

Its first ever use was to get a huge PowerPoint presentation to Amsterdam for a speech that Kevin was making there at a Gartner Group conference. As is the way of things in those days, his service provider complained about the 25mb of space the presentation was taking up so he removed it. Then Josaka started becoming his own personal portal. Odd links to music sites were added to a page that just kept growing.

The first 'public' use of it was to support the band Short People. Kevin was the sound engineer for Short People and therefore had a personal interest in promoting the band. News, gig info and the like was posted on Josaka. This was subsequently developed and became a micro or child site within Josaka.

Whilst effective in promoting Short People there wasn't a lot of reason for people to visit the site every day or week. Therefore Josaka started adding other local live music content. The result was one big beast of a site with thousands of pages of content and lots of traffic - see that website at: www.first9.josaka.com

Recent history

In 2004 Kevin asked Jim Bowes to help compile a local band compilation CD called 'Who?', this was launched with a gig at 21 South Street to coincide with the 5th birthday of the website.

The sell-out birthday party gigs became an annual fixture and Jim a permanent one. From 2004 - 2007 the birthday gigs took place at 21 South Street, in 2008 the event moved to Plug n Play.

In February of 2006 Josaka Music Ltd was formed by Jim Bowes and Kevin Harrington. This business was established as a spin off, stand alone record label and music management company.

In August 2006 Josaka progressed a partnership with the Big Fat Guide to deliver an improved, weekly gig guide service and in October the same year Josaka commenced a year of monthly gigs at the Cellar Bar, South Hill Park, Bracknell.

2007 saw more promoting including support for a Jail Guitar Doors charity gig and a stage at the Big Day Out festival headlined by GoodBooks.

In 2008 we brought everything together under the Josaka Music banner and so far have relaunched the website and had several critically acclaimed releases on the record label.

The celebrations for reaching 10 are taking place over the weekend of the 14 and 15 March 2009. Josaka is returning to South Street on the Saturday night with an additionall event at The Oakford Social Club on the Sunday.

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