House of John Player/ Toddlers split 7"

Posted: Mon, 24 Jan 2011

'Multi Faced' organisation Double Dot Dash have released a release. It's a 7inch split between fellow Readingites Toddlers and Bletchley man House of John Player. Lets go review it shall we?

The latter kicks off with Shyrite, a soft thumping aquatic number. Ethereal vocals pushed to the back of the track while soaring over it at the same time. My first impression brought my head straight back to a time when I was little and had a PS1, playing the demo for 'Fluid' (a game where a dolphin swam around making music, very soothing). Which is good, I suppose, suggests it creates good imagery. Like... 'Air' and their ilk. Or 'Animal Collective's' vibe with the same ideals on vocals. Thumping and muted, like a rain dance by native Americans who found a Korg under a cactus somewhere. See, imagery. Definitely a grower, cause the more you let your mind wander through this track, the stranger your scenery gets. This makes me smile. Good. I think I just heard a monkey...

Son Esqueet, HOJP's second track. Definatly the same band, good start, so I wont give you more lazy references... oh except this is like an ice cave in FF7... still aquatic actually, but deeper... Like the sunken ship instead! So chilled, I could have such a nice nap to this, so otherworldly, delicate, but with a constant beat keeping it current and moving forward.

Then Toddlers, I can see why these are sharing a 7". HOJP and Toddlers are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but the lateral spectrum, like bloomers and sliced bread are. I've got imagery on this too, but let's start with some real journalism. Actually no I can't. 'Preston' starts with what I imagine is a mole singing his dark dark myopic gloominess, but then I couldn't hear the lyrics so I doubt it is to that effect. Not that that's bad, the vocals create their own atmosphere, own bass line. It's unhappy though, no doubt, like a passive aggressive relationship, one that mutters bitch as you leave the room rather than just having the row cause they just don't care anymore... sigh. Oh hello, it's gone jaunty! Imagine that. The contrast is nice in this. Giving you a good array of the bands creativity, from a dark silhouette to a fuller more open sound. Touch of eeriness, but safe. Anyways, real journalism. It's a bit like tool without the guitar I suppose. I'm not going to reference a load of what I assume their influences are because, ask any band, they're always wrong. It continues on with a nice, upbeat I would say, pace. Bouncing along like a foam ball.

As a first release this is certainly an interesting one, mellow with a dark undertone. I think that the songs on this are a niche sound but with something that anyone can appreciate, like I said imagery is big on these due to their abstract sounds and atmospheric compositions. Lovely cover too.

Ash Hennessey

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